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Ajman Free Zone is one of the best cost-effective free zones within the UAE. Its location is in the Emirate of Ajman about 45 minutes’ drive from Dubai. Ajman free zone company is one of the best ideas for those investors who want to start a business with the minimum possible cost. Ajman free zone license cost is the most competitive among UAE free zones.

Ajman Free Zone Business License

Ajman Free Zone is one of the oldest Free Zones situated in the UAE, holding a separate identity. It is the well-known Free zone within Ajman and the UAE, which has led to massive industrial development by engaging a great number of companies to benefit from the privileges of investment. It offers offshore company setups and operations to investors. Thereby at an early stage, the Ajman Free zone helps in strengthening the trade, industry, and financial sectors in the UAE.

The Ajman free zone was established in the year 1988 and led to a huge industrial and commercial development in the emirate by attracting various investors and companies, offering competitive privileges and facilities in trade and the financial sectors. Thus, many companies have thrived and benefitted with huge returns on their investment under Ajman free zone investment privileges.

“Ajman free zone offers a perfect atmosphere for business investment opportunities, by framing suitable policies for business development, business analysis, organizing business conferences, and therefore with the assistance of qualified human resources, achieving the economic process and also the welfare of the UAE

Ajman free zone Location:

Ajman Free zone is located at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf in the Emirates of Ajman. It is situated at a distance of around 45 minutes drive from Dubai international airport. This zone is located adjacent to seaports. This strategic location of Ajman Free Zone boosts trade and business, welcoming any business whether it be freelancingentrepreneurship, light manufacturing, or trade. This benefits both the western and the eastern Market in business activities.

Benefits of Ajman free zone business license:

Ajman Free zone offers a World-class setup with excellent infrastructures and modern equipment’s, thus facilitating both local and foreign businessmen to set up their enterprises in the AFZA. In the following, some of the benefits and advantages are mentioned:

  • Ajman Free Zone Company Setup is the only downtown free zone in the whole UAE.
  • Access to major airports and sea of the country, of its proximity to Dubai and Sharjah
  • 100% foreign ownership and complete repartition of the capitals and the profits
  • 100% exemption from the taxes; income taxes, personal corporate taxes, import or export taxes
  • Offers lease period of up to 20 years and renewable to 20 more years
  • Provide land for large industries at reasonable prices
  • Provide excellent infrastructure including a strong network of connectivity
  • Smart offices for startups with great communication facilities
  • Provide excellent ambiance of workplace including warehouses, lands, and executive offices
  • Easy transfer of capital and profits.
  • No personal income tax.
  • No import and export duties.
  • Competitive license prices.
  • Competitive prices on electricity.
  • Low prices on offices.
  • Access to low-cost labor.
  • Well-developed infrastructure.
  • One-stop window service for all transactions (residency, visa, etc.).
  • Quick and easy process in most cases, license within 48 hours.

Amendments should be done personally by the business owners, also there is an option to authorize their representatives. Ajman Free zone offers a suitable field to set up a company for foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen. This zone also offers a great hub for start-up businesses. With advanced facilities and infrastructures, Ajman Free Zone is glorifying its reign day by day. Now we can incorporate the company online on Ajman free zone portal.

Business setup professionals like “Expeditezone” can support with complete business setup and Ajman free zone company registration. It can be done without your physical presence in the UAE. 

How to set up a company in the Ajman Free zone?

Setting up a company in the Ajman Free zone can be done within a day time.
The investors can hire business setup consultants in Dubai for the registration of the company in the Ajman free zone. It can be done without the investor’s visit to the free zone.

Some official documents and paperwork are needed for the registration of the Ajman Free Zone company. After the registration is completed, the investors will receive their set of corporate documents i.e., license, lease agreement, memorandum (for companies with multiple partners), and chamber of commerce registration certificate.

Basic requirements:
● Requirement of applying for and receiving a trade license for conduction of business activities
● Physical office space is required inside the free zone regardless of the size. Also, there is a facility to rent office space in an Ajman Free zone nominated eligible building.
● No need of appointing a resident manager or director. Additionally, there is no requirement for a businessman to be a resident of the UAE.

Additionally, its location is close to the Ajman Sea port which is the best location for any import-export or trading businesses. As compared to the company set up in Dubai, Ajman Free Zone company formation is the best choice for those who want to start a new business within budget due to its competitive prices for young entrepreneurs and multiple installment payment plans.

Investors and entrepreneurs who want to set up a company in the Ajman Free Zone are allowed to obtain five types of licenses there. They are mentioned below:
1. Trading License: Businessmen who opt to establish their business and conduct trading activities in AFZA are required to issue a Trading License. Up to three business activities can be permitted through this license to be carried out in a business.
2. E-commerce License: An e-commerce License is obtained by the online companies or businesses involved in trading through electronic means in the Ajman Free zone. The e-commerce License allows marketing and technical support to the business owners.
3. Industrial License: Industrial License is issued to the local UAE or international businesses who choose to manufacture in AFZA. The Government of AFZA sets the manufacturing policies and environmental standards. The authority also provides facilities like warehouses and smart stores to bring ease and comfort while conducting the activities.
4. Professional service license: This license is provided to those local companies and even international businesses that opt to choose business activities related to professional services. Professional services include management consultancy, marketing, IT consultancy, and several other services.
5. National Industrial License: This particular License is issued to those companies in AFZA fulfilling the following criteria:
● Being registered with a GCC national or GCC national holds the majority of shares i.e., at least 51% or more of the company.
● At Least 40 % of the manufacturing process is conducted in the Free Zone The companies under National Industrial License are eligible for duty-free export to the member states of the GCC countries.
6. Offshore License: This license is provided to those companies who opt to set up a business without a local or physical appearance.


Business setup in AFZA starts from as low as 5000 AED per license, thus making it a great opportunity to have a low-cost license and thereby explore the whole market of UAE. Although other package fees depend on business activities and visa allocations of investors. Ajman free zone license cost is very affordable to start-up businesses in the UAE.

Company setup in Ajman starts from as low as AED 6,000 only as a freelance license with 2 visa eligibility. This package is designed for young freelancers & tech professionals. The lowest price for Ajman free zone business license cost is AED 9,600 with e-commerce activity & eligible for 1 visa. Best business setup cost in Ajman, per license (in AED):   Type of Ajman free zone license cost in AED

  • Pioneer package: AED 5,000/- 
  • E-commerce package without a visa: Starts at AED 5,600/-
  • Freelance package: AED 6,000
  • Business center Trading License with 2 visas: AED 13,535/-
  • Services cum Trading License with office & 3 visas: AED 16,785/-
  • Executive Office with Trade License: Starts at AED 28,000/-
  • Warehouse Starts at AED 45,000/- with customized sizes availability, multiple activities including an industrial, flexible payment plan, and multiple visas per Square Meter.

           You can set up your company with just one click away through our portal, and we are always available there to provide you with consultation and support to establish your company in the UAE. Ajman’s free zone license cost is the best in the industry. An immigration card will be required to apply for residence visas:

  • Deposit e-channel 5,000/- AED – waived off for new business license
  • E channel registration fee 2,100/- AED
  • Entry Visa & 3 Years Visa Stamping cost AED 2,800/-
  • Emirates ID Medical examination fee 700/- AED

Ajman’s free zone license cost includes visa allocation cost as well. The step-by-step process of getting a UAE resident visa under the Ajman free zone authority is as below:

  • Business registration – 02 days
  • Immigration card – 05 days
  • Entry permit visa 5 days
  • Medical examination, Emirates ID biometrics, and residence visa approval  – 5 days
  • Emirates ID will be received 7 days from the date of residence visa approval

But if you process your resident visa while being in the UAE as a tourist, you will need to change your status from tourist to resident after the approval of the entry visa.

Ajman investor visa costs AED 2,750 including medical checkup and Emirates identity card registration. But the medical exam can only be done in the Emirate of Ajman. As of now, health insurance is not compulsory in the emirate of Ajman, but better to have it to avoid unexpected medical costs.

Offices and warehouses in the Ajman free zone:

There are several options available with customized offices & warehouse facilities on the list:

  • Flexi desks offices are available without time limits
  • Offices of different sizes
  • Warehouses with modern facilities

Moreover, there are many options available for Flexi desks and offices which are located within the free zone headquarters or in a separate building. The warehouses complex is available and covers all the area around Ajman Sea Port. Customs authority and Immigration office are just opposite to Ajman Free Zone.

Documents required for set up of a company in AFZA:

Among the various documents required for the mentioned companies; some of the important documents are mentioned hereby:

Ajman free zone company formation is possible within 1 to 2 working days time. Now we can incorporate the company online. To proceed, the following documents & details are required by email:

  • Company names along with company activity and number of shareholders;
  • Type of License Package;
  • Passport with more than 6 months validity;
  • Photograph;
  • UAE visa copy
  • UAE cell phone number
  • Email address;
  • NOC from the current sponsor if required.   
  • Residential address,
  • Business activity

Business setup professionals like “Expeditezone” can support from A -Z for your Ajman free zone company registration. It can be done without your physical presence in the UAE.  Once the company registration is done, you will receive:

  • Business License
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Company registration certificate
  • Office Lease agreement
  • Memorandum of association

The above documents are required to apply for a company bank account in Dubai.

License cancellation in Ajman free zone:

License amendments can be done easily without a personal visit by the company owners, or an authorized representative can do the same too. The license amendment cost is very reasonable, ranging from AED 500 to AED 2000.

Company license cancellation cost in AFZA is also reasonable and simple to do. But, you will need to get a few clearances first:

  • From closing a bank account
  • Clearance of your office facility.
  • Need to cancel all resident visas in the company prior to its cancellation.

The company Liquidation process can be done by the company representative holding a Power of Attorney. However, all the company documents need to be returned back to the authority. Company liquidation takes about 1 month, and after that, you receive an official de-registration letter. You will get a refund of your deposits only after the liquidation is complete.

Ajman Free Zone is suitable for all sorts of businesses indeed and there is no reason not to go for it. It’s a great hub for small startups due to the lowest registration costs for them.

Moreover, larger businesses will enjoy the facilities and close distance to Dubai. Also, if you are checking any alternative solutions, have a look at Sharjah Free Zone or RAK Economic Zone in Ras al Khaimah.

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