Company Bank Account in UAE

Company bank account in Dubai

Business entities and high net value individuals from various countries strive to open bank account these days in Dubai. Company bank account opening in Dubai is one of the challenging task these days  due to strict compliance and due diligence.

Whether it is opening personal, saving or Company Bank Account in UAE for your free zone or mainland company in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, we can help and support through out the process and documentation. We are the leading and reliable UAE company bank account service provider in Dubai.

Corporate Bank Account Opening in Dubai
Corporate Bank Account Opening in Dubai

Business entities and high net value individuals from various countries strive to open bank account these days in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates due to complex documentation procedure . There are numerous formalities to open a company bank account in Dubai-United Arab Emirates.

 How To Open Company Bank Account in Dubai?

The main factors involved are due diligence, sanctions, compliance which are also felt globally. International bank and corresponding banks are regularly fined by the local government for not following strict protocols.

Therefore banks are more careful about account opening and keep checking and one can expect some delay in account opening which is really challenging for the company owners in Dubai and across the world. Banks always want to ensure the source of money from a supplier or a customer you deal with and ensure no sanctions countries are involved.

With “EXPEDITEZONE LLC Dubai”, mainland business setup, company bank account opening for residents, non residents or corporate entities becomes extremely easy and quick. We advice the right banks in the region that offers low tariffs on banking transactions, fast and simple system, high quality of services and best rates.

If you would like to have an corporate bank account in the best bank in Dubai or United Arab Emirates. Also new business owners would like to know more about Dubai banks and offshore banking services.

Documents Required For Opening A Company Bank Account In Dubai

  • Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Address Proof of Company and Share holder
  • Passport Copy of all share holders
  • Visa and Emirates ID of Signatories
  • Bank statement of company (if existing) or share holder (if new company)
  • At least one Invoice of each Buyers & Supplier.

Additional Details & Requirements:

  • Trade License information
  • Company details
  • All Share holder / Signatory information
  • Buyer & Supplier details
  • Business Details
  • Transaction Profile (expected Debits & Credits)

Conditions & Requirements

The company owner must be available in the UAE

  • Copy of passport with entry stamp
  • Applicant profile (CV)
  • Personal or company bank account of the business owner from the country of origin. Original bank reference letter may also be required.
  • Personal bank statement from the country of origin for the last six months.. (In case the person is having company account only, then latest six months bank statement along with legal documents of the company proofing his ownership or a share holder)
  • All the banks in Dubai or UAE require monthly average balance to be maintained by the non resident. The minimum balance maintenance amount varies from bank to bank.

You may also require to submit several documents to the bank officials. Therefore, we provide 100% support & assistance in account opening process and ensure that you get the best services of the bank.

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