Dubai Mainland License Cost

Dubai Mainland company formation

A mainland company is an on-shore company licensed by the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate which is allowed to do business anywhere in UAE or outside of UAE without any restriction. Dubai mainland license cost start from as low as AED 15,000/- for the services or professional license.

Dubai Mainland License Cost
Dubai Mainland License Cost

Dubai Mainland is popular for its ease of doing business and world-class infrastructure and facilities. Company registration in Dubai mainland is still the first preference by most investors when establishing their business in Dubai. Company Formation in Dubai Mainland is a very challenging and time-consuming task, EXPEDITEZONE DUBAI as the best business setup professionals offers the best services for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai, UAE.

How Mainland Companies are Favourable: Owning a business setup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is always a very enticing endeavor due to the country’s wealth in economy and resources. However, UAE maintains two different business environments within its marketable industries, namely Free-Trade Zones and Mainland areas. With these in mind, you will be looking to decide which one will benefit you the most, if you are looking towards a new business set up here in Dubai.

Company Setup In UAE

After selecting your local business partner or ‘sponsor’, you will need to register your potential company with the local Department of Economic Development (DED). In accordance with Dubai’s company registration procedures, you will need to adhere to every required document and process put forth. Here, the registration process itself is not too arduous. Nevertheless, you may face inconveniences in handling the processes, with Arabic being essential for your dealings. Thus, business setup services in Dubai come into the fray here.

There are many business setup companies in Dubai that provide business consultancy to aid you in setting up your new business in Dubai. Business setup consultants in Dubai are among the best in the industry, with many of them having extensive portfolios of client business setups under their wings.

Dubai’s local economy is shaping up to be amongst the most prosperous in UAE. There are so many massive future projects in the pipeline and industries being developed by the local authorities. Dubai will undoubtedly lead you to better fortunes in the near future.

Process For Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

To start a mainland business set-up process, if you want to form your company in the Dubai mainland, you will need to be aware of the Dubai mainland license cost and its renewal, but you need not appoint a local sponsor for your company nowadays.

To set up a professional mainland License, the foreign investor can have 100% ownership. In the case of a professional license, the local service agent has no active part in the company’s business management, operations, or profit sharing. Instead, they will act as a local representative only and only if required by the company owner.

Documents Required For Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

There are 7 main steps involved in the Dubai mainland company process. However, there are some activities that require special approval from some specific Government departments. Below are the steps involved in company formation on the mainland:

  1.  Get your business activity followed by name Approval
  2.  Select the type of office required
  3.  Get the Initial Approval from DED for Mainland Company Setup
  4.  Typing of MOA followed by Dubai Court notarization
  5.  Make your office lease agreement or tenancy Contact
  6.  Final approval after submitting all the above documents to DED
  7. Get the payment voucher issued, make the payment, and get your mainland license immediately

Consultancy License:

The Businesses provide expert and consultancy services across all industries.

Service License:

Services licenses are allowed for the production, assembly, and distribution of services. The license includes offering services because of the primary objective and utilizing associated goods to supply those services.

Trading License:

Allow the import, export, distribution as well as storing of items written on the license.

Industrial License:

This allows the licensee to import raw materials, then produce or reproduce, manufacture, package the required products, and then export.

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