Global Visa Services

Reliable and professional quick global visa services

We assists business travelers, travel agencies, public employees, diplomats, international aid organizations, tourists and students with current visa information as well as instructions and application documents prior to their travels. We provide reliable and professional quick global visa services.

Global Visa Services
Global Visa Services

EXPEDITEZONE LLC Dubai also assists diverse companies with information regarding what requirements those countries that they do business with have in regard to the legalization of documents.

We provide comprehensive support and service covering everything from information and representation for visas to legalization and certification of documents.

Our expert team assist you to be sure that you have all the documentation that is required for the country you are travelling to and that you have the stamps and certificates that are required for the countries you are going to be doing business with so that you never lose a trip or a business transaction due to insufficient documentation.

Our representatives are trained visa and legalization experts with understanding and knowledge about nations, in most cases, complicated requirements in regard to travel documents and the legalization of documents. Our customer service team are experts at providing fast and latest information. They clarify your thoughts in an uncomplicated way.

We are providing handful of services in obtaining visit entry permits and tourist visas. From initial Eligibility assessment to Visa consultation, Visa application submission to Tracking till visa approval all taken care in the hands of Easy Setup, making you feel that you made the right choice!

Quick Pick-Up And Delivery With Global Visa Services

Making things easier, Our Courier Agent come to your door-step to collect the documents and to deliver the documents once ready. This ensures the timely service and more convenience to you. But nothing to worry, even your personal and confidential documents are safe and secured in our quick service and support

Quick Pick-Up And Delivery With Global Visa Services

In order to obtain a visa to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrghystan and Australia you will need a letter of invitation (also known as visa support).

Tourist visa invitation/support letter compromises two documents: a standard tourist confirmation and a voucher from an authorized travel agency who is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your destination. The Tourist visa invitation/support letter is issued for a maximum period of (30) thirty days and can be issued for either a single or a double entry.

Business visas can be issued for a single, double, or multiple entries. The validity of the visa ranges from 1 to 12 months. The business visa invitation letter is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa) of your destination.

A business visa support letter is the right choice if you need more flexibility in your travel plan, require a stay longer than 30 days, and or need more than (2) two entries.

Below are examples of Russian support letters and how to read them

Russian Business Visa Support

All visa approval are done by the sole discretion of respective immigration authority as per the government rules and regulations. We are assisting in submitting the applications on your behalf only. We are not affiliated with any immigration or government authority. Other than that, all visas can be processed personally by using respective Government websites or by visiting Embassy or Consulate for which you will not be charged service fee.

Countries We Assist For Global Visa Services
  • UAE Toursit, Visit and Freelance Visa
  • Oman Tourist and Visit Visa
  • UK Visit Visa
  • Switzerland Visa
  • USA Visa
  • Turkey Visa
  • Russia Visa
  • China Visa
  • Indian Visa
  • Australia Visa
  • Japan Visa
  • Cyprus Visa
  • Bulgaria Visa
  • Indonesia Visa
  • Phillipine Visa
  • South Africa Visa
  • Kenya Visa
  • Morroco Visa
  • Bosnia and
  • Herzegovina Visa
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