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    Established in 2019, Expedite Zone is a leading service provider for Company Formation in Dubai and the UAE for startups, medium-sized companies, and big business concerns. Expedite Zone Is responsible for helping hundreds of customers launch their businesses successfully.

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    Tech Mozo
    Tech Mozo
    5 July 2023
    We recently worked with Expedite Zone, we redesign their company’s website and I am beyond impressed with their professionalism. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to all our need. They provided tailored solutions, ensuring a seamless process. We highly recommend Expedite Zone for anyone in need of company / Business setup assistance in Dubai.
    Sarla Gera
    Sarla Gera
    30 July 2022
    Excellent service ,very professional team to support anyone to open a biz in Dubai
    Mayur Detroja
    Mayur Detroja
    14 July 2022
    Service of the company is above expectations. They provide full service to open company and help all the way in all operations. Really trustworthy person and very kind to help anytime for anything.
    Osprey Marine
    Osprey Marine
    28 April 2021
    When I contacted Expeditezone I was in my country Tajikistan.Mr,Vikas respond to all my questions in time and professionally ,so I could arrange the things to establish my company in UAE,Dubai. All the plan which we created to set up company became true and within one month I started operating in dubai mainland. There are a lot of companies which they promise to help,but few of them will work with you openly and help as promised. How about Expeditezone,they are dedicated for what they are doing and they know how the things will be done correctly Trust me,you will not suffer at all with Expeditezone,just they will call you for signing and in a short period your company will be established as you like.
    Santosh Kumbhar
    Santosh Kumbhar
    27 December 2020
    Very professional. . . And good support.
    Kritee Anand
    Kritee Anand
    20 July 2020
    we observed personally that esay set up has good value and commitment
    cosmos cosmos
    cosmos cosmos
    26 June 2020
    Very Reliable and Excellent Service ...
    M.3asif buttt
    M.3asif buttt
    16 June 2020
    Professional and most economical ..keep it up!
    rahul pali
    rahul pali
    15 June 2020
    Great team of professionals 👍


    Firms operating in free zones are permitted to transact with other firms there
    as well as internationally, but they are not allowed to transact with clients in
    Dubai or the rest of the UAE.

    The process to establish a company in Dubai is simple and straightforward and involves only a
    few simple steps, in all the seven emirates of the UAE. The process involves applying in person
    at the Department of Economic Development in the respective emirate where you plan to
    establish your business. Additionally, entrepreneurs & Investors can also apply through
    business setup professionals or designated companies offering complete business
    establishment services. The company formation in Dubai typically involves identifying the office
    location, specifying the business activities, and paying the required fees, for the issuance of a
    commercial business license. One can establish a company in either Dubai mainland or Dubai
    free zone area.
    Establishing your company in Dubai's mainland
    Establishing your company in UAE-free zones

    01 Decide the Nature of Your Business Activity
    Depending on the type of business, UAE free zones provide investors and entrepreneurs with a
    variety of business licenses.
    There are 3 legal forms of businesses in UAE Free Zone
    A company's legal framework is determined by the needs of the business and its type. The rules
    and legislation that businesses must follow are outlined in this document.
    03 Register the Trade Name
    The corporate name is referred to as the trade name. It must be distinctive and different
    from any existing registered company name. Through the relevant departments of
    economic development's websites or mobile applications, you can submit an application
    to get a trade name.
    04 Select Business Space and Location
    In the UAE, there are more than 40 free zones. You can choose a free zone that is appropriate
    for the type of business activity you will be conducting.

    05 Obtaining the Initial Approval
    To get the preliminary clearance to start a new business, you must fulfil all conditions and
    submit the required paperwork. Additional government approvals are needed for some
    operations, such as tourism, travel, and health, and they must be secured from the appropriate
    06 Registration and Payment of Fees

    • Pay fees and get the company license
    • Fees include company license issuance fee, which depends on the type of license

    A Free Zone company cannot conduct business outside of its jurisdiction without the
    assistance of a local agent, whereas a mainland firm is free to conduct business
    wherever it chooses in the United Arab Emirates. This is the main distinction between
    mainland and Free Zone corporations.

    IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) is the most affordable Free Zone in Dubai. For
    AED 11,900, IFZA provides low-cost company licenses in Dubai without requiring visas.
    The best and most affordable Dubai free zone license option for 2023 is this one.

    Setting up a free zone firm with the appropriate authorities is the first step in starting a
    free zone company in Dubai. Depending on the free zone you choose, the registration
    costs can vary, but they normally fall between AED 5,500 and AED 50 000. The
    registration of the business and acquiring the required licenses are covered by this

    A platform for online sales, Online goods sales and purchases are permitted in the UAE
    with an e-commerce license in a free zone. Free zones do have their own rules,
    therefore businesses are not allowed to undertake operations outside of the free zone.

    Top 4 Cheapest free zones in Dubai

    • International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Located in the Dubai Silicon Oasis
    • Ras Al Khaimah free zone (RAKEZ)
    • Sharjah Media City free zone (SHAMS)
    • Ajman Free Zone – AFZA
    •  Sharjah Publishing Free Zone-SPCFZ

    Even non-residents can set up their company in the UAE remotely and manage
    their company from any location in the world with the right assistance.
    In the UAE, there are no limitations on foreign ownership of firms. This implies
    that regardless of your nationality, you can own 100% of your company. Dubai is a
    major center for trade and business worldwide.
    A local sponsor is not mandatory to start a business in Dubai mainland. This
    means local UAE national is no more required to set up business in Dubai
    mainland. Additionally, the foreign national can own a full 100% of the company's

    Freelancers can live and work in Dubai with a Dubai freelancing visa. A freelance
    permit must also be obtained prior to submitting an application for a freelance
    visa. Work as an independent freelancer is possible in Dubai or the UAE.
    This visa offers many important advantages, including 0% personal income tax, 0%
    dividend tax, a 2-year validity period, and the ability to enter and exit UAE airports
    without presenting your passport.

    Online application forms and the required paperwork must be completed in order to
    open a business bank account in the United Arab Emirates. Visit a local branch of a
    bank in the UAE and follow the instructions provided by the banking specialist to open a
    corporate account that best suits your company's needs.

    Opening a bank account is one of many legal and administrative procedures
    needed to establish a business in Dubai. The procedure of obtaining a new
    business bank account in Dubai, however, may be challenging and time-

    • Dubai is a hub for commerce!
    • Huge tax benefits,
    • Excellent business opportunities in Dubai.
    • Access to the international market and friendly business setup procedures
    • Seamless aviation connectivity and first-rate commercial premises.
    • World-class infrastructure and strategical location
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Logistics
    • Digital Marketing
    • Event Management
    • Education & Training
    • Digital Payments
    • E-commerce and online business
    • Real Estate Brokerage
    • Health & wellness
    • Pet Care and grooming
    • Food & Beverage Trading