Sharjah media city free zone

Sharjah Media City is situated in the Emirate of Sharjah, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates.  Shams was launched with a vision to be a world-class hub for media and creativity in the region. Sharjah media city license is one of the most cos-effective licenses in the UAE

Sharjah Media Free Zone
Sharjah Media Free Zone

Shams provide smart innovative services for aspiring startups and SMEs, as well as established companies or corporations. The free zone aims to be a world-class business hub for modern unique services for all those who want to establish their businesses within specialized facilities in the media, art, and IT industry, SHAMS endeavors as a dynamic initiative, a forward-thinking and holistic community with the aim of making creative entrepreneurship accessible to all.

As a global business hub for innovation, Shams free zone sets the benchmark for service and support to those wishing to set up and launch their business with specialized facilities for the creative and media industries.

Sharjah media city free zone provides smart innovative services and a community-centered approach, placing great value on localized content and actively encouraging entrepreneurial talent from within a continuously thriving community.

Shams’ mission is to make innovative entrepreneurship available to all aspiring investors, SMEs, and established companies struggling to grow their businesses in the UAE and internationally. This is a creative-free zone that facilitates a strong connection with talented individuals.

The Sharjah media city free zone issues business licenses for, freelancers and entrepreneurs working in media and technology. We offer reliable and professional SHAMS company setup services. Shams is a creative initiative that makes a connection with talented individuals. SHAMS offers innovative business services.

Sharjah Media Free Zone provides a safe and progressive environment for company formation and business setup, offering foreign investors benefits, such as zero corporate, import, and export taxes, in addition to other advantages. Also, UAE is well-known the world over as a trading hub, boasting a large non-oil sector that contributes to nearly 70% of the GDP – 45% of which is contributed by Sharjah’s trading activities.

At EXPEDITEZONE LLC Dubai, we provide personalized support and management services to our clients who want to incorporate them in Sharjah Media City or other free zones around the UAE. Our approach to consultancy in inception, licensing, creating an ideal corporate structure and more can help you take the proper steps in business in UAE.

Why set up a business in SHAMS?

Specifically, Sharjah Media City is one of the newest free zones in the United Arab Emirates, focusing on media-related licenses. Moreover, Shams has a perfect strategic location, just 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and only 5 minutes from Sharjah Airport.

Sharjah Media City free zone gives a lot of opportunities in different categories of business and issues trade licenses to companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in the industries of technology and media as well as other creative industries.

Sharjah Media City Free Zone was started in the year 2017 to act as a promoter for creative and media businesses to grow and thrive locally & globally. So with the aim to be a world-class media hub for innovative facilities and services,  Shams provide a wide range of business activities available for those wishing to start on their entrepreneurial journey in the UAE.

SHAMS’s vision is to be a world-class business hub for media and creativity. They are on a mission to make creative entrepreneurship easily accessible which inspires business growth.

Service Activity with Sharjah Media City License

The free zone offers the production, reproduction, and distribution of services. The Service license includes rendering services as the main objective and using goods to provide them. The world-class infrastructure allows you to set up your company starting from AED 11,500. Your Company would be registered only in two working days.

Moreover, we will provide full assistance in PRO services and represent your company to government authorities. We will also help you to open a bank account and provide you with exclusive contacts in the best banks in UAE. By choosing the minimum package of Flexi desks you will be able to get up to 6 visas for the best price. Moreover, no deposit is required to establish your company with SHAMS, and no need even for your physical presence in the UAE. Our expert will establish your company fast and within the specified budget.

Advantages Of Sharjah Media City License

  • Minimum cost without a visa is AED 5,500
  • Wide choice of different business activities
  • Up to six visas eligibility for shared office
  • No age restrictions for investor visas
  • Physical presence not required in the UAE for company incorporation
  • Online appointment of Corporate Directors and Managers
  • The quick online process of business registration
  • Company documents issuance within 2 days
  • Companies will be limited in liability
  • Ideal location inside the UAE, 20 minutes from International Airport
  • 100% foreign ownership in Sharjah Free Zone
  • Complete exemption from all industrial deductibles by the authorities
  • Number of business activities obtainable on constant business license
  • NOC is not required from the sponsor
  • No paid-up Share Capital or Annual Audit
  • All company documents issued within 2 days
  • Companies will have limited liability
  • Ability to appoint company administrators still as company Managers for your company
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% free transfer of funds.
  • 0% corporate or personal income tax for 50 years
  • 0% import and export duties.
  • A quick and simple online registration process
  • Deposits are not required by Shams
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures.

Type Of Business Licenses

  • Service license includes rendering services as a primary objective and utilizing products to render a service. Such a license permits you to produce, re-production, transform, and distribution of services. Service license includes rendering services as a primary objective and utilizing products to produce them i.e. restaurants, media productions, etc.
  • Industrial license – you may open a business that’s concerned with the production, re-production, transformation, and producing of products.
  • Trading license – The trade license is together with the movement of products, wholesale and retail sale of products; and therefore the rendering of services associated with the sale of those goods.
  • Holding an organization license is the best choice for the aim of dominant different corporations, property like property, patents, trademarks, stock, and different assets. Such a license permits holding assets and stakes in different corporations.

The Multi-Year License Package from Sharjah Media City License is a perfect selection for investors viewing a long setup. Also, the Multi-Year License Package is additionally useful for investors United Nations agency would love to avoid the hassles of yearly payment for the renewal of the corporate license.

Additionally, the 2,3 & five Year business license packages can modify shoppers to pay a one-time quantity for the particular timeline and acquire the corporate license auto-renewed for the amount.

Cost of SHAMS License:

  • A new license with zero visa eligibility will cost AED 5,500/- only.
  • One Visa eligibility license will cost AED 8,050/- only.
  • Two visa-eligibility business licenses will cost AED 11,743/- only.
  • Three visa eligibility will cost AED 14,500/- only
  • Four Visa eligibility licenses will cost AED 16,000 only and a business license with six visa quotas will cost AED 18,000/-
  • immigration Card 3 years costs AED 1575/-
  • Visa Cost 3 years AED 3,600/-
  • Emirates ID 3 years AED 370/-
  • Medical Urgent AED 465/-
  • Additional allocation of visa AED 1,600/-

Timeline for SHAMS Transactions:

  • Entry Visa (Normal) 3-4 working days
  • Entry Visa (Priority) 1 working day
  • Residence Visa (Normal) 3-4 working days
  • Residence Visa (Priority) 1 working day
  • Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Investor/Partner 3-4 working days
  • Residence Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Investor/Partner 1-2 working days

VAT Registration:

All business establishments whether located in a free zone or outside the free zone should register for VAT if the taxable supplies and imports exceed the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000 within the last 12 months or if it is expected that the total value of taxable supplies exceeds AED 375,000 in the next thirty 30 days. Thus, a tax registration number (TRN) would be issued to the business establishments by the Federal Tax Authority upon registration.

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