UAE Freelance Visa

What is UAE Freelance Visa?

UAE freelance visa and permit identifies you as a sole practitioner and enables you to conduct your business in your own name.You will also be given a Dubai residence visa. Both the permit and visa are valid for one year and three years respectively.

Why Freelancing?

Freelance Visa Dubai UAE
Freelance Visa Dubai UAE

UAE Freelance Visa Services is generally recommended for a person who seeks to be self-employed and doesn’t work as a full-time employee for others. It widens the scope for an individual to be one’s own boss.

More and more people are accepting freelancing. Freelancers in Dubai have been increasing rapidly. Hiring freelancers is quiet convenient for companies. Freelancers get different benefits in Dubai.

Benefits of UAE Freelancer Visa

  • Time flexibility
  • Being one’s own boss
  • Balance in work life
  • Fewer expenses, higher profit
  • The option to carry out multiple projects at the same time
  • Building one’s own brand
  • No office space required

UAE Freelance Visa in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Freelancing is a unique option. Many find it easy to manage a balance between their work life and personal life. Dubai, is a cosmopolitan city with many upcoming projects. They are seeking out for freelancers who can devote their convenient time and help in building the economy.

Dubai has come up with multiple projects in all different divisions and is on the way of getting them channelise through digitisation. This creates a lot of opportunities for international investors to take their footsteps towards setting up their business in Dubai.

At the same time, working as a freelancer give more convenience to meet the projects at a speedy pace. Freelancers all around the world have got an awesome opportunity to work as per their flexible time and build their brand and later on setup a business in United Arab Emirates.

Dubai’s largest freelancer market has seen a positive growth in the number of freelancers from the period 2013-2016, with a count of 90 thousand

A Freelance means self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer for long term. In other words. a Freelance is a person who is hired by an individual or a company to do a specific job and get paid for it without any commitment further commitment.

UAE Freelances around the world can just work from there home and not care about permits or taxes. But because Dubai-UAE is such a great and organised City. Even Freelances in Dubai-UAE are required to get a permit to conduct such a job and must have proper book keeping and have a specific office location.

For those already in UAE residence visa and wish to practice freelancing to increase your income, you can apply easily for a Freelance permit and get it in 24 hours and you are free to work and live anywhere in the UAE.

Many of us wants to start our own business or at least being masters of our own time. But, are often caught in the wheel of daily work and life.

However, there are those who break free and make a conscious effort to do so, and what better place to pursue your dreams of economic independence than in the UAE!

Well, there are quite a few but the most basic being that with a trade license, as you succeed and grow, you will have the ability to hire people, whereas on a Freelance permit you are independent to work.

Freelance permit is the only way to work independently on low cost along with your family. And then there is the option to work part-time, which is a whole different story.

To work as a Freelance in the UAE you need a residence visa and a Freelance work permit.

Now you could already be having a residence visa if sponsored by your parent or spouse. In case you are not, you can apply for it from a free zone authority.

Company cancellation in AFZA is also low cost and simple to perform. Also you will need to get a few clearances first:

  • From closing a bank account
  • From Ajman maintenance department of you rented a facility

You also have to close all resident visas in the company prior to its cancellation.
Company Liquidation can be process by the owner or his representative holding a Power of Attorney. However, all the company documents need to be return back to Ajman free zone. And if you lose them, you need to go to Police and get a report about that. Since company liquidation takes about 1 month, after which you receive official de registration letter.

If any deposits were made under the company, you will get a refund after the liquidation is complete.

The most cost-effective free zones in UAE that offer a Freelance permit are Dubai Media City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Design District, Abu Dhabi’s twofour54 and Fujairah Creative City, RAKEZ and Ajman Free zone .

There is a caveat to this Freelance permit option, it is only available for people working in the fields of media, education or IT.

Fill in the application as you will need the following to complete the form:

  • Passport Copy
  • Passport-size photo
  • Updated CV
  • 2 professional references (with contact details)
  • Twofour54 business partner’s request letter
  • Introduction – personal/professional background,
  • work experience
    Work –work you plan to carry out with media zone authority
  • Liabilities – financial overview of expected income

The free zone authority will review your application, references and documentation.

Once done, they will contact you within three working days with feedback. Upon approval of your application, they will then initiate a meeting to complete the licensing and residency process. Sign and return your documents and make the necessary payments.

The Media Zone Authority has waived all licences fees for the first two years in the media zone, meaning you only need to pay for the visa registration process application and health insurance.

You will be issued with a sole proprietor’s business licence (all fees are waived for the first two years) and an employment visa valid for two years (for non-GCC nationals), which will be converted into a residence visa.

They also help applicants with finding housing, medical cover, applying for Emirates ID, etc.

Currently, registration is open under three sectors for Freelance visas in the Emirate: Media (Dubai Media City), Tech (Dubai Internet City) and Education (Dubai Knowledge Park).

For Tech and Education, you can choose one activity and for Media you can choose up to three activities, such as Photographer, Animator, Graphic Designer. For the full details and application,

During the application process, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport/Visa Copy
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • NOC from UAE local sponsor or employer
  • Portfolio or Sample of Work (media sector only)
  • Credentials and Certificates (education sector only)
    Additional documents may be required.

Apply and submit your online application. You will receive an email once application is approved. You can then go to one of the business centres in Dubai Media City,

Dubai Internet City or Dubai Knowledge Park to personally sign documents and pay the fee. Thereafter, you’ll receive your Freelance permit via email.

Freelance package fee is Dh 6,000 per year only(including, inclusive of the Freelance Permit and allows access to the flexi-desk office.

If a visa is required, they will help you through the process.

A person who oversees the business and financial decisions for a motion picture including obtaining resources, creating scripts, and overseeing production

Step 1 – Submit your documents

  • Passport copy
  • Valid UAE Residence Visa copy (if applying for a permit without visa)
  • Sponsor’s No Objection Certificate (if applying for a permit without visa)
  • Portfolio/sample of works or qualification certificate
    Step 2 – Make the payment
  • You can also do a bank transfer to the account detailed in your invoice
  • Or pay online
    Step 3 – Receive your Freelance permit.

The free zone authority in this emirate is known as Creative City Fujairah.

There are essentially two options available:

The Commercial Plus One is the smallest company set-up with two-visa availability, and suitable for single individual owner.

Services include:

  • Trade license validity from 1-3 years
  • Establishment card (1-3 years)
  • Up to 2 visas
  • Processing time: 3 working day
  • Flexi-Desk office including internet access, post box service and PRO services.

This package is ideal for start-ups with 4 visas, providing all the advantages of a regular company set-up.

Services include:

  • Trade licence validity from 1-3 years
  • Establishment card (1-3 years)
  • Up to 3 visas
  • Processing time:
    1 working day
  • Flexi-Desk in business centre with internet access, signboard, post box services and PRO services.

Freelance Licence package in Ajman Free Zone (AFZA): This package comes at a fee of Dh 6000 plus visa, Emirates ID and health insurance cost.

You can apply from a number of categories and includes a visa valid for three years, along with Business Hub facilities.

For the UAE Freelance visa & Licence, you must have a valid passport, visa copy, no objection certificate from the sponsor (only if you are a resident in UAE) and a passport colour photograph. A range of job categories are available, which can be found once you start filling in your application.

Steps to apply:

The various packages available including Freelance licence.

Choose the package, fill the application and submit it.

Usually, it is supposed to take about one or two working day to process, and once approved, you are in business!

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